Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another successful fun weekend for Bay of Plenty Naturists

What a great time BOP Naturists had at our annual Pyes Pa weekend! And what a great turnout it was. Even the weather, which had been very windy all week and raining Friday morning, played ball by dropping the wind and allowed us to put up the gazebo. We only had a few showers on Sunday morning, so the gazebo did its job and gave us cover from the rain too.
We kicked off Friday with happy hour as members of the BOP Naturists started arriving. This was followed by a self-catered dinner. After we had all eaten, with the help of our 8 year old 'fireman' we lit the fire and all sat around watching the full moon rise behind  the tall trees.

Next morning we welcomed a warm hazy/sunny day. And no wind! It was a day when we had a group of life artists come along to sketch any willing models. After setting up their gear, models were called for and there was no shortage of willing participants. They stayed on until late afternoon and were very pleased to have been invited along.

While the artists were busy, other members took on the new game Kubb. This is a Swedish Viking game and it was the first time we had brought it along to an event. It proved a good investment and the field was always being used as more and more joined in the fun. Even our 8 year old 'fireman' managed to beat some of us older members!

After the artists departed it was happy hour time and at this time I was able to present one couple who had just celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary, with two silver goblets, donated by a member. What an amazing achievement!! Unfortunately the group couldn't afford diamonds!

After a shared BBQ/pot luck dinner, we all sat around the fire until it was dark enough to set up the outdoor movie. This year it was 'The Danish Girl' and those who watched it enjoyed it till 11pm when we all headed for a good night's sleep in our respective accommodations.

Sunday was a little drizzly but warm so this didn't stop our own Naked Chef from cooking everyone breakfast. Once that was over, Michelle our masseuse came along to relieve the aches and pains from those who had booked a massage with her.

We also had our own reflexologist, Marie from 'Inner Space' giving treatments over the weekend. Another member brought along her home-made jewellery so the whole weekend was one of relaxation, artistry and fun.

Our thanks go to our hosts for offering their lovely place to us once again. It is certainly appreciated, not just by me but by all who attended.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Santa visits BOP Naturists

Santa came to visit all the good members of BOP Naturists at their monthly hot pool night earlier in the week, handing out small gifts to everyone as they arrived. BOP Naturists provided wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks poolside so while socialising, members could enjoy a drink as well.

There was a good turnout of 40 members who had a meal in the cafe, and soaked in the hot pool both before and after the meal. It was obviously an evening all members enjoyed, with many staying on till close down at 9pm.

BOP Naturists are a really lovely group of people, who all get on so well together. This is obvious with the volume of chatter going on all around the large pool. Several new members were made very welcome and really enjoyed the camaraderie of the existing members.

Over summer, BOP Naturists are holding more fun events so contact me on if you would like to join this rapidly growing group with now over 930 members from all over the world. Its free and a lot of fun!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fun weekend at Katikati Naturist Park

About 40 BOP Naturists had a great weekend at KNP over the weekend. With the weather forecast looking bleak earlier in the week, the weather Gods did do their best to stuff things up, but it didn't affect the activities. We had all four seasons in one day on Saturday, with sunshine interspersed with showers and a strong biting wind. My previous discussions with the weather Gods must have worked though, as they kept the heavy rain away until after the petanque draw was finished.
We had more sports entries than ever before this year, showing how much the group members enjoyed themselves. We had 12 couples entered in the petanque doubles - a huge turnout, but with 16 individuals entered for the pool singles, we had to make the contest into doubles to fit them all in. Most members played the daunting mini-golf course, frisbee golf and some played in the table tennis singles. Congratulations to all the winners and also thanks for the good sportsmanship you all showed.
After happy hour on Saturday, we all donated something for the shared meal and then had a slideshow showing some naturist sites in northern Queensland recently visited by myself and Col. Then to the quiz, which included some tricky brain teasers and questions from the latest BOP Naturists newsletter. Then we found out who reads it and who doesn't!!
The next morning, BOP Naturists provided a breakfast for everyone and after that we had the prize giving where everyone present received a prize for not necessarily winning but doing something (some helpful, some hilarious)!
But the best part of the weekend was the camaraderie shown among the members. There was constant chatter, laughter and inclusion of everyone into the proceedings. We even gained new members from visitors staying at KNP, so all in all, it was a fantastic weekend.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Winter activities

Over the winter, BOP Naturists have not been hibernating! We have held monthly hot pool nights which have been very successful. On most nights, we had over 35 members enjoying the warm water and starry nights at the pools.
We have also held a couple of successful spa and movie nights. Soup, buns and nibbles were provided for all members at no cost. The spa was well patronised on a first-in first-out basis as the space was limited, but this didn't stop everyone being able to warm up before the movie. Movies we watched were 'Still Mine' and 'Captain Phillips'.
Our annual 'Polar Plunge' at Katikati Naturist Park was another great day with nice sunny weather. The mulled wine and spa pool certainly helped warm everyone up after the plunge.

Summer activities are now being planned, starting with a fun games weekend at Katikati Naturist Park in November. To join in the fun email

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another great event in 'The Bay'

Our annual 'Picnic and Parkover at Pyes Pa' was attended by a good number of members, who either stayed on-site for the weekend or came along for the day. It was good to see some old faces and be able to catch up on their news since we saw them last.
We started on Friday night by putting up the gazebo and enjoying happy hour in its shade as the sun was still very hot. After a shared BBQ there was a lot of socialising until dark.
On Saturday, I had arranged for a group of life-art artists to visit. They did some quick sketches of us relaxing in the gazebo and then took some of the group out around the grounds under the trees. Thanks to those who volunteered to model I think you all enjoyed the experience. Some great drawings were produced in the dappled light under the trees. 

While this was happening, some others went on a scavenger hunt. One member really took it to heart and found 26 of the 30 obscure treasures. It really did require a lot of lateral thinking so well done.
After Happy hour, we shared a BBQ dinner and then watched the sad, funny, cute, poignant movie ‘What We Did on Our Holiday’ on the warm evening as the full moon rose between the massive palm trees on this beautiful property. Afterwards, we toasted marshmallows on the fire in the moonlight. What a magical evening!

On Sunday morning, our own naked chef cooked us breakfast, then a massage therapist did some massages in the gazebo for those who had booked while everyone else just relaxed in the shade of the trees as it was too hot to do anything else!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gosh - Do we have fun at Bay of Plenty Naturist events!

Another great event was enjoyed with our huge Christmas party weekend being held at a member's private property in Pyes Pa, Tauranga.
The weekend started on Friday, with six motorhomes arriving and setting up amongst the beautiful setting of established trees and palms at 'Phoenix Park'.

On Saturday another three motorhomes settled in. Day visitors started arriving and all the group's attendees happily undertook a 'creature hunt', looking for creatures dotted amongst the trees around the camping area. Some members must have wandered around the area at least 10 times, looking for the creatures - at least they had the time to discover the array of plants at this beautiful park-like garden.
Two couples found 24 out of 25 insects and marine creatures. However, one bug eluded everybody and it wasn't until the next day that number 21, a green spider was pointed out as to its location. It was amazing that the searchers had walked past this many times, looking directly at the spot. It just shows that you can look at something but not see it. Mind you, being a green spider amongst green foliage might have helped its camouflage!!
A few, who wanted a break from creature hunting, played petanque while others relaxed in the shade of the gazebo. Apart from a nearby thunderstorm on Friday night, the weather was perfect all weekend.
Happy hour on Saturday afternoon, led into the evening with a shared BBQ, before we sat around the fire waiting for darkness to arrive (it was almost the longest day)!! Once it was dark enough, we watched a movie 'Stranger than Fiction' outdoors. While some found it a little strange, others found it fascinating, just showing that we all have different tastes when it comes to movies (or anything else). What a boring world it would be if we were all the same!!

On Sunday, BOP Naturists provided a cooked breakfast and much chatter was heard during the morning as everyone found new friends. Two couples from Australia arrived mid-morning (the weekend was timed to coincide with their visit) and it was great to meet them again (Col and I and several other members had met them in Australia over the years).
Of course we were all waiting for Santa to arrive with his three boxes of gifts for everyone (one for males, one for females and one for either) to take a present from. So everyone went home with a small gift.
Once Santa had disposed of his load, lunch was served. This was also provided by BOP Naturists from funds donated or collected through raffles throughout the year. Lunch consisted of pizzas, salads and buns, which were washed down with some liquid refreshments.
After lunch, we went to 'the races' again and held the 'Trans-Tasman Stakes'. First was the 'Fashion in the Field' competition - ladies a hat, men a tie. The men judged the ladies and the ladies judged the men. The winning combination came from the same Whakatane stable, and went home with two bottles of bubbly for their efforts.

Now back to the 'Trans-Tasman Stakes' - Three horses from NZ (Phar Lap, Split Enz and Pavlova) in black and white colours raced against three horses from Ozzie (XXXX, Thong and Underarm!!) in green and gold. Betting was solid and the result of five races was 3-2 in favour of the Kiwis.

After afternoon tea, we all packed up and went our separate ways. This was an extremely well-attended event on our full calendar from throughout the year. I am sure that everyone had a great time and are already looking forward to the next event, which will be a hot pool evening early in the New Year. After that, we will be returning to Pyes Pa for our annual 'Picnic and Parkover at Pyes Pa' when we have invited a group of local artists to join us for some life drawing amongst the trees at 'Phoenix Park'.
If anyone would like to join in the fun events organised for Bay of Plenty Naturists, contact me on All correspondence is by email and it is free to join.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A day at the races - BOP Naturists style

What a great event we had at a member's property near Tauranga last weekend. Over 20 people arrived for the 'BOP Naturists Stakes' at the private 'race course' where fashion in the field was hotly contested. A better looking group of naturists dressed only in a hat (ladies) and tie (men) had never been seen before. Everyone got into the theme of the event and over a picnic lunch on the 'green' overlooking the race track we all were given a glass of bubbly (complete with a strawberry) to complete the theme.
The races were hotly contested, with six 'horses' being ridden by six 'jockeys'. The caller threw two dice - one for the horse and one for the number of paces forward that horse could move. To make things interesting, hurdles were placed along the track and the only way to get over these was to throw an even number. This led to the lead changing as others caught up.

The six horses were appropriately dressed in stable colours and without bias, horse number one won four races in a row! Maybe it was 'Pretty Belinda's' attractive get up that was so popular.

The day culminated in a shared happy hour and BBQ outside as the sun set and this was followed by a movie 'Phar Lap' about the famous NZ race horse's short life.
On Sunday morning, as most of the punters had stayed overnight in their motor homes, BOP Naturists provided a cooked breakfast to round off a great event.
After breakfast, some of us went to the local TECT park for a bike ride on a Grade 2 track. This however proved a little too high a grade for some of us, who were happy to let the fitter ones do several circuits.